Bangkok 2013 - Nara Thai Cuisine at CentralWorld

Nestled in the top dining floor of CentralWorld, Nara at CentralWorld is the 2nd branch of a popular up-market Thai restaurant that has received consistently good reviews in the media. The decor is quite posh with dark wood paneling and period furniture, giving out a retro-chic vibe. The menu is mostly traditional Thai dishes. They are famous for their boat noodles and coconut ice cream.

Their Appetizer Platter is beautifully presented and comes with 5 popular small bites - mini crispy spring rolls, fish cakes, deepfried wantons, chicken satays and pomelo salad.

We ordered extra fish cakes as they were very good. 

The Pomelo Salad was also very tasty. 

Chicken with cononut milk - a lighter version of the usual Thai curry.

One of my favourite Thai dishes - Kuey Teaw Ratna. Here they serve the rice noodles separately from the sauce. I love the eat the crispy rice noodles on its own.

On the whole the food at Nara is very tasty and well executed. The spiciness may have been toned down a couple of notches, but that is welcome rather then have your taste buds battered and numbed. This is a restaurant I do not mind to make repeat visits.


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