Rome 2013 - Best Souvenirs from Italy

It was our last morning in Rome, and I still haven't done my souvenir shopping. What would make the best souvenirs from Italy ? A fridge magnet, post cards, or a snow glob with the St Peter's Basilica ? 

We came across this salumi shop and I immediately had a great idea. This was after all Italy - the home of great salumi.  Why not bring back some great salami which would be gladly received and gratefully enjoyed by all who receive them. There is something to suit every budget - from Parma ham that could break a bank - to 5 euro salami. The shop will happily vacuum-pack everything for you.

I brought several salami and cheeses back home. They were still in perfect condition when they arrived in Kuching. Keep them in the fridge and they will remain good for a few more weeks. A great way to extend your holiday cravings.


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