Bangkok 2013 - Or Tor Kor Market

When it comes to markets in Bangkok, the first one that comes to mind would most likely be Chatuchat. But there is another market nearby that would be more interesting for foodies - Or Tor Kor Market. This is supposedly the 4th best fresh market in the World according to some travel guide, and it is definitely a feast for the senses.

Though it is a fresh food market with wet sections, Or Tor Kor is surprising clean and well organized. It is definitely a nice break from the chaotic madhouse of Chatuchat. If you are looking for durians, this is the place to go - they have all the top varieties. Of course all the other tropical fruits and vegetables are amply represented.

For me the main attraction is the food court. There are lots of stalls serving great local food - and this is probably the cleanest and least chaotic hawker centre you will ever come across in Bangkok.

Whats good here - crispy Oyster Omelette.

Pork Leg Rice - served with a tasty sausage.

 Crab Meat Noodles. Look at the chunks of fresh crab meat !


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