Rome 2013 - Dinner in Trasteverre

It was our last night in Rome, and we were happy to be spending it in Travesterre. We found a small restaurant in one of the side streets. It was full of people and looked quite charming. We decided to have our dinner there.

The name of the restaurant is Alle Fratte di Trasteverre. What first attracted us was the ivy covered walls and the cosy tables outside the small restaurant. The patrons seemed to be mostly locals, and everyone was happily enjoying their meal and chit-chat, or just simply relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere. It was an ambiance that you seldom feel in restaurants in Asia - as most people would be busy on their cellphones checking up on their Facebook.

We ordered a few dishes to share. The food was simple, authentic and delicious. The salad of fresh octopus and lettuce was just bits of octopus and lettuce drizzled in olive oil, lemon juice with salt and pepper - yet it was very enjoyable due to the freshness of the ingredients.

We ordered 2 pastas - Bolognese and seafood. Both were easily the best we had during the trip - not overly oily and drenched in sauce, and the pasta perfectly al dente.

Even the simple grilled chicken breast was perfectly done - with the meat still tender and so flavourful - reminding us that chicken perfectly done can be wonderful on its own.


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