Penang 2011 - Yeng Keng Hotel

Yend Keng Hotel is another stylish boutique hotel that has opened recently. It is located along Lebuh Chulia - right inside the core conservation zone. So it was surprising that they managed to make so many changes to the original buildings in the redevelopment. Maybe the buildings were already too dilapidated to be saved.

What is interesting about Yeng Keng is the Impressive Entrance Archway from the street. There is a forecourt before the main building. On the left of the forecourt is the in-house restaurant, and the left of the main door is a lobby. Everything was quite cleverly laid out to get maximum exposure.

Past the main lobby - the rooms are all in a 2-storey block. This part of the building looked like is was completely new.

On the side of the new accommodation block there was a small swimming pool. Sandwiched between buildings - it nevertheless looked very cozy and pleasant.

Yeng Kang Hotel looks like a really nice place to stay. Located right within the heritage zone - it would also be a great base from which to explore the historical centre of Penang.


Nice post. The place is beautiful (unique design) and seems to be very quiet and peaceful.
Travel wasn't fun if you didn't get to see or do what you wanted; it was merely a different type of work, in a different place.

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