Penang 2011 - Chew Jetty

Being an island, it was natural that many of the early Chinese settlers in Penang were fishermen. They built their homes on stilts along the shores of the island, and for community and safety reasons those who came from the same areas in China tend to settle together. These became what is commonly known today as the "Clan Jetties".

There are eight of these jetties along Weld Quay in George Town. The largest and most well preserved of these is the Chew Jetty. The residents are descendants from the Xin Lin She Village of Fujian Province. It is not a museum, but an actual living community that is still growing and changing. You can still see new houses being built, and their resourcefulness is evident in the way they built the foundation for the buildings - bascially using just plastic buckets as permanent formworks for the concrete footings.

The temple that protects the residents right at the entrance to the jetty.

Entering into a different realm.

New houses are still being built - with very simple but effective foundations.

A visit to one of the Clan jetties is a must as this is a glimpse into the history and culture of the Chinese immigrants of Penang. It is also very picturesque and full of photographic opportunities. Early morning or late afternoon would be the best time to visit.


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