Penang 2011 - Snake Temple

The visit to the Snake Temple was one of the itineraries in our Island Discovery Tour. It was also one of the must-see things for the kids, especially my daughter. For some reason she was determined to get her picture taken with the snakes. I on the other hand has had a snake fobia since I was a kid.

The temple is located in Bayan Lepas - quite close to the airport. In fact you are sure to pass it on the way to George Town from the airport. The temple itself is quite small. It was built to honour a Buddhist monk Chor Soo Kong. Pit Vipers started to take refuge in the temple and the locals thought that they were protectors of the temple.

The braver ones can get their pictures taken with the snakes.

Today development has slowly taken over the natural forests in the surrounding areas, so there are less and less snakes from the wild. Instead the temple has set up a snake farm behind the temple to supply the snakes - so this is more of a tourist trap then a real natural phenomenon. As long as you are happy to overlook this harmless chicanery, the Snake Temple is still an interesting visit. Don’t miss the snake farm at the back where there is a very friendly albino python.


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