Penang 2011 - George Town White Coffee

In recent years quite a number of cafe chains have cropped up throughout the country capitalizing on Malaysians' love for street food and instant service. One of the most successful is Old Town White Coffee and it is a formula that has been copied all over. At first glance this George Town White Coffee outlet at Komtar Walk looked exactly like an Old Town outlet - even the lettering and colour scheme looked the same. But this is the Penang version - not the Ipoh version.

The interior is very nicely done and it looked like a pleasant enough place for a light dinner. We ordered some of the Penang staples to try.

First came the Assam Laksa. You could see from the presentation that it was made without much care - and the taste confirmed it.

Next came the Loh Bak. Again it looked like a distant cousin of the real thing - and tasted worst.

The "Ju Hoo Eng Chai" sauce was just salty.

The Prawn Noodle fared a bit better, but still paled in comparison to most of the road side stalls.

It is a pity that they could not produce food of the same quality as the decor. Otherwise they would have a winning formula in their hands.


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