Penang 2011 - Lone Pine Hotel

Lone Pine Hotel was apparently the 1st proper hotel in Batu Ferringhi, so it has an interesting history. It has been taken over by the Eastern and Oriental Group, and now converted into another modern and stylish resort. They have retained the original bungalow style accommodation near the beachfront, and inserted a new five-storey long block for the new rooms. The design is quite minimalist and like many recent resorts - dabble in some eco-sustainable themes. Here I am glad to say that these are quite well integrated into the overall design concept.

The minimalist design combined with lush landscaping creates a modern yet cosy atmosphere.

The nice swimming pool.

The older wings facing the beach.

The resort has direct access to Batu Ferringhi Beach.

The design lends itself really well to the beautiful location with its mature casuarina trees lining the beachfront. A nice beach, beautiful trees against chic whitewashed buildings - what more can you ask for.


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