Eating in Kuching 2011 - Dinner at Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Bangkok Thai Restaurant was one of the earliest Thai restaurants to open in Kuching. It is still one of the best Thai restaurants in town. This restaurant is part of the Lok Thian Restaurant Group which runs several restaurants in town, and they definitely know what they are doing.

The menu is quite a long one, but they mix up their dishes here and about half of the items are not actually Thai but Chinese. In any case - the popular Thai dishes are all quite well represented.

We ordered our long time favourite - Scallop Rice. This is steamed rice served with braised scallops in a light brown sauce. Very tasty - a bit like a risotto really.

If you like a bit of everything - the Thai Appetizer Sampler is good. It comes with Pandan Chicken, Spicy Fish Cakes, Egg Net Rolls and Crystal Ball Dumplings.

The Tom Yam Soup is always reliable and you can ask them to turn down the heat.

Green Curry Chicken is another long time staple.

The Beef Salad is a bit of a hit or miss. This night the beef was a bit tough - but otherwise the taste is good.

Braised Tofu = more for the kids and definitely not a Thai dish.

If you have a sudden craving for Thai food in Kuching, Bangkok Thai Restaurant is one of the few places that can satisfy that urge. Pricing is moderate.


What a coincidence - we're going there tonight. Thanks for the dish recommendations!
Borneoboy said…
Nate. They are still one of the more reliable Thai restaurants in town.
Yes, the food was sufficiently "Thai" rather than spiced-up Chinese.
' BR ' Story said…
where is the location ?

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