Bangkok 2011 - MBK Foodcourt

Whats great about Bangkok is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get good food. The road side stalls provide cheap and often delicious meals, but if you are after a place with slightly better comfort and ambiance - head to the foodcourts. One of the best ones is at Ma Bung Krung (MBK) Shopping Centre.

MBK Center has 2 foodcourts. The one on 5th floor is more posh and sort of like a hotel cafe, and offers lots of International selections. Head to the one on 6th floor - MBK Food Center which is much cheaper and has more local selections. Most of the stalls here are very good - and seldom disappoint.

We ordered the beef noodles, which was very good and had a strong beefy taste.

The rice with stirfried squid and vegies was also very tasty.

The MBK Food Centre is a great place for cheap and good food. Expect to pay about double of that at a roadside stall. Still a bargain !


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