Bangkok 2011 - Dinner at Lemongrass Restaurant

We were wondering around Soi 24 Sukhumvit looking for a place to eat and came across this quaint little restaurant called Lemongrass. It is in a converted 2-storey bungalow which is quite charmingly decorated with old furniture and antiques - my kind of place. Being a house, the dining areas are divided into several sections. The bigger section is at the back facing a small garden.

The restaurant seemed to have received many accolades judging from the certificates adorning the walls. I was impressed by the beautiful fresh helicornias which decorated most corners of the house. They certainly do make an effort on the decor.

We ordered a few standard dishes to share. The food was good - but not exceptional. Our starter - Crispy Beef with Basil Leaves - was flavourful but a bit chewy.

The Tom Yam Goong was a bit better - nice balance of flavours and not overwhelmingly hot.

Duck Curry with Pineapple - this was one of the better dishes.

Laab Moo - spicy minced pork salad. A classic Isaan dish that is done quite well.

This was a spicy fish soup - a bit like a Tom Yam but lighter and sweeter in taste. Surprisingly good.

Dinner at Lemongrass is quite a pleasant experience. Though the food did not live up to the standard of the decor - I would still recommend it for the ambiance.


Amyee said…
Hello :)
Was it expensive?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Amyee. The pricing is moderate. About RM 50 per person.

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