Bangkok 2011 - S31 Hotel

S31 is a new hotel on Sukhumvit Road, at the junction of Soi 31. It belongs to the new generation of hotels that tries to provided 5 star amenities and service - but with a style and attitude that is above the run-of-the-mill 5 star hotel.In fact the Bangkok Post calls it "Better then 5 Star, more then a Boutique". Based on the glowing reviews on the Net, I decided to check in at this hotel on the last visit. Design-wise I wasn't disappointed - everything has been given a tasteful designer's touch - from the interiors to the furniture and decor. The service however still lacks polish and warmth, which is a pity.

What really sets S31 apart are the rooms. If you get the duplex suite - it is a 2-storey design with a large lounge area on the lower floor - and the sleeping quarters on the upper floor. There are flat screen TVs on both floors, and here is a lux feel and spaciousness that you don't get at many 5 star hotels.

Location wise, S31 is at the quieter end of Sukhumvit Road. There are no night bazaars on the street side at night - which is a bane for some and a blessing for others. If you are after the convenience of being close to the night life - then this is probably not for you. As for me, I enjoyed the nice escape from the usual street-side chaos on Sukhumvit Road - and everything is just a couple of MRT stops away anyway.

The S Cafe on the 6th floor is a great place for breakfast, which is included in the room rate and very good.

S 31 is a hotel that I wanted to like very much - it is very stylish and the rooms are incredible. It is only let down by its lukewarm service - whihc I am sure they can improve on with a little effort.


Simran said…
wow great interiors.

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