Bangkok 2011 - Dinner at Soul Food at Mahanakorn

Soul Food at Mahanakorn is a new restaurant in Bangkok that has been making waves since it opened in August 2010. It is located along Soi Thonglor (Soi 55), not far from the junction with Soi Sukhumvit. You need to keep your eyes open as the street is a bit dark at night, and it can be difficult to see the signages. I had to make a couple of turns to locate the place.

The place is opened by an ex-journalist who decided to create a casual place for great Thai food that is slightly above the normal. The decor is modern and a bit raw - with lots of timber, bare cement walls. It is hip without being pretentious, and quite pleasant.

Judging from the crowd, a lot of people were there for the drinks rather then the food. The medium sized bar counter was fully occupied, and so was the smallish dining area. We had to wait for a table to be cleared - it is certainly popular.

The menu is not overly long. There were the usual Thai dishes, with promises of authenticity and taste. Rather then focus on one region - the dishes come from all over Thailand - which is great for a taste of what other parts of Thailand has to offer.

Our appetizer is a Mien Kam - a popular Thai snack where you wrap different ingredients in a leave and season with a sauce - usually spicy. A nice crunchy snack that is also healthy.

Another appetizer we had was Nam Prik 2 Ways. Nam Prik is a general term in Thailand for a paste made usually made from herbs and spices - most commonly chili. It can be very chili hot, and is usually eaten as a condiment with other ingredients like meat and vegetables. Here it is served with cucumber, egg plants, eggs and crispy pork scratching. Delicious !

The popular Tamarind Ribs - tasty, tender grilled pork ribs in a sticky sweet and sour tamarind post. Very nice.

Pomelo Salad with Prawns.

Khao Soi - the famous Chiang Mai noodles. I was really happy to see this on the menu and couldn't resist ordering it. A very good version.

Eating at Soul Food is a very pleasant experience - if not for a farang on the next table who got a bit drunk and noisy. The food is very good , the atmosphere casual and relaxed. Prices are also reasonable for a place catering to mainly farangs. Highly recommended.


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