Bangkok 2011 - Yim Yim Chinese Restaurant

Based on a few bloggers recommendations we decided to try this obscure Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. It is run by an old Teochew couple. The old man’s father started the restaurant years ago and he is carrying on the tradition. It felt like a trip down memory lane – the restaurant looking very much like many of the old Chinese restaurants in Kuching.

They are famous for serving up a whole platter of giant crab claws, so that was the first thing we ordered. At first the old man said they did not have stock, but after ordering several pricey dishes like shark’s fin and roast suckling pig, he suddenly said they had just the right number of crab claws for us – 20 in total. It was the most impressive serving of crabs I have ever experienced so far - a mountain of giant crab claws simply steamed with ginger and light seasoning - and tasted divine. The cost - RM 500 per plate which works out to be around RM 50 per crab claw. Extremely pricy but it was worth it – some of the best crab claws you would ever taste !

What was left of the crabs. They haved cooked them up and the meat would no doubt be used in other dishes. They should have served these to us considering the price we paid for the dish !

The other dishes paled in comparison, but were all good and reminiscent of the old recipes dished up by the top Teochew restaurants in Kuching.

Shark's Fin Soup - this is the original Teochew Style with a rich broth made of chicken stock and light soy sauce. Nice chunks of shark's fin make this a luxurious treat - but since sharks are an endangered species have this sparingly.

Teochew Oyster Omelette. Simply the best oyster omelette I've ever tasted. We had to order a second serving. The oysters were fresh and plumb, the seasoning perfectly judged, and what made it extra special was the bed of bean sprouts which was charred by the heat from the hotplate - which imparted a really nice caramelized and smokey flavour to the dish.

Stewed Goose Feet with Glass Noodles. The goose feet were deepfried and stewed until the skn and cartilage fall off from the bones - delicious.

Fish Head Soup with Yam and Vegies.

Roast Suckling Pig. Only the skin was served. This was not as good as we had hoped.

Deepfried Intestines. This has a slightly gamey taste and chewy texture which is an acquired taste, but I liked them.

Vegeterian Stirfry Lohan Style.

This hugely satisfying meal was finihsed off with a traditional Teochew "Or Nee" - sweet yam custard. This was topped with gingko nuts, coconut flesh and red dates. Great !

If you are willing to spend a bit of money, Yim Yim Chinese Restaurant will be able to deliver one of your most memorable food experiences in Bangkok. A must for foodies.

Yim Yim Chinese Restaurant
Yaowaphanit Road, Chinatown


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