Bangkok 2011 - Mango Tango at Siam Square

I don’t remember coming across this shop the last time I was at Siam Square. It is a dessert shop selling only mango desserts. They have mango with sticky rice, sliced mangoes, mango ice cream, mango lassi, mango with coconut, etc.

The decor is very hip, so is the music they play. And they pay attention to quality too. The sound system is not your typical cheap computer speakers, but a proper hi-fi system making great sound. Inside is tiny but packed to the brim with beautiful people.

I had fresh mango with mango ice cream. Great !

Mango Tango is next to the Novotel at Siam Square. They apparently have 4 branches in Thailand, and even a branch in Tokyo !


Pooja Singh said…
I can not resist my tempt after reading your blog. I love mangoes and especially mango ice-cream. I will definitely visit this place next time i am in Thailand.
i love mango ice-cream so yummy

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