Bangkok 2011 - Chatuchat Artist Corner

Chatuchat Market is so huge that most people get lost during the first visit. You can go around in circles, and feel very frustrated especially under the burning heat. For a little respite from the chaos and crowd, head for the Artist Corner. If you can't find it, ask around and most people will be able to point you in the right direction. It is at the North-Eastern corner of the Market.

The Artist Corner is where you will find original artworks by local Thai artists. Unlike other sections of the market which are very crowded and filled to the brim with products, here it is more orderly, and the artists have turned the area into a nice and cosy corner for visitors to browse their works. There are quiet seating corners if you want to take a rest, and it is a really nice treat to order up an ice-cold coffee, sit under one of the shady trees and admire the art.

Most of the artists here look after their own small galleries, and you are buying mostly direct from the artists and not through agents. Because of this the art here is very affordable - but more importantly there are some really high quality and creative works if you care to spend the time sifting through the thousands of pieces on display.

There is a great communal spirit here - when not tending to customers the artists are sitting around chit chating, playing music or doing their work. They even help each other with the packing after a sale.


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