Phuket - Trisara Resort

Trisara Resort. What a beautiful name. It was the name which enticed me to visit this exclusive resort at Bangtao Beach at the north-western end of Phuket Island, about 15 min from the airport. The location is quite well guided and secluded. The resort offers a total of 42 suites and 12 private villas.

The design of the hotel is more of a neo-classical Thai style. Simple open pavillions are paired with a traditional Thai roof. The result is a bit contrived, not as stylish as Amanpuri or some of the more modern resorts. The resort site is very steep, offering great views of the ocean from all the villas. Due to the steep site, they actually have 2 receptions - one at the upper level and another near the beach and main pool. Buggies are provided to move the guests around in case they find it too tiring to scale the slopes.

The pool next to the beach.


why is the resort so deserted?
Borneoboy said…
Hi 3HT. When I went it was low season. And usually in these resorts the guests don't really want to be seen. They want their privacy so most likely hiding in their own private villas which has everything they need including a swimming pool. Who know's there could be a Mik Jagger or Britney Spear somewhere.

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