Phuket - Sala Resort

The Sala Resort Phuket is one of the new generation of resorts which focus heavily on style and the “Cool Factor”. Located at the northern end of Phuket Island, this resort is quite far from the rest of the attractions. Privacy and exclusivity are the keywords here.

Since opening in 2008, the Resort has received quite a buzz in the travel circles. It was on the Conde Naste Hotlist for 2008, and have also received rave reviews in many travel mags.

The Resort itself is Minimalism taken to the extreme. The reception buildings are actually completely open pavilions with no walls. Between the entrance porch and the reception is a large reflecting pond with 2 trees in the middle. There is a small lounge area at the reception with blood red cushions. It is all very cool and understated.

Unlike most resorts at the seaside which try to capitalize on the views, the accommodation at Sala Resort are completely hidden away. Even the individual villas next to the seaside are enclosed in high walls to provide total privacy. While wondering around the resort, I did not see any other guests. Either the occupancy was very low, or everyone was hiding in their rooms.

While the architecture is a bit boxy and cold for a resort, the landscaping is really nicely done. The landscaping provide the key design elements here, with the buildings serving more as the backdrop.

The PR Manager kindly let me view their duplex villas which are rooms in 2-storey semi-detached blocks. The lower units have its own swimming pool and grass lawn. The colour scheme is all white and grey, again very understated.

If you are looking for a place to chill out, relax and hideaway, Sala Resort is the perfect spot for you. Plus it’s cool and stylish to boot !


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