Kuala Lumpur - Petaling Street Part I

If you are a tourist visiting Kuala Lumpur, no doubt you would have heard about Petaling Street. Its one of our infamous tourist traps, located at the KL Chinatown. I haven't been there for years, and recently decided to make a visit to see what its like now.

The Chinese name for Petaling Street - "Chee Cheong Kai", is derived from its history as a centre of production for tapioca flour in KL. Walking around, you can still see the history and heritage of the area in the old buildings. However they are unfortunately overwhelmed by the street bazaars that have taken over several main streets in Chinatown. The main Petaling Street is now a pedestrianized mall which is covered by a transparent roof providing some shelter from the elements.

The street itself is now completely occupied by small stalls selling all kinds of stuff - cigarette lighters, t-shirts, caps, fake handbags, sunglasses, CDs, DVDs - you name it and they've got it here. Part of the fun of visiting Petaling Street is to wonder through this maze of petty traders, and to see the endless range of products on sale. I didn't actually buy anything, but it was fun watching the crowd trying to drive a bargain and getting a bit dazed by the sheer choice of mostly cheap knock-offs on offer here.

Even an aspiring belly dancer will be very happy here.

The range of things you can get here is truly mind-blowing.
Petaling Street is definitely a KL experience you don't want to miss - not necessarily for the shopping but for its historical ambience which still exists here and there, and for its prowess as a magnet which can draw people from all over the world.


where is my favourite hokkien mee and chee cheung fun stalls haha
Borneoboy said…
Hi 3HT. I'll try to capture them the next trip to Chinatown.

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