Phuket - LaFlora Resort

If you prefer to stay in Patong where all the action is, there are plenty of options there. LaFlora is a small resort that is right next to Patong Beach. It is also a member of the Small Luxury Hotels network, giving it some international cache.

The design is very contemporary, understated and attractive in an unfussy way. Most of the rooms and villas are arranged around the central swimming pool. There are also ocean villas facing the sea. At night the atmosphere is quite enchanting. This is the type of resort that I personally like - small, intimate, stylish and conveniently located. It's definitely on the top of the list for my next visit to Phuket.

The reception is right off Patong Beach Road.

The pool-view villas.

The view at night.


workhard said…
Very nice review of the resort.. U have got a very interesting post...

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Borneoboy said…
Hi workhard. Thanks for your visit.

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