Kuala Lumpur - Petaling Street Part II

Besides the countless number of stalls which are the main draw here, Petaling Street is also a food haven. There are lots of coffee shops and street stalls selling all kinds of local favourites like beef noodles, curry rice, char kuih tiaw, rice parcels, etc. Venture into some of the side lanes and you may come across some hidden gems.

There are lots of fruit sellers here, and what they have are generally better then those at the supermarkets, cheaper too.

Roasted chestnuts has been an old favourite at Petaling Street. The smell of freshly roasting chestnuts is quite intoxicating.

It is quite fun to eat under the stars on a cool tropical evening. The food is generally cheap and delicious, 'cause you are not paying for the air-cond.

This beef noodle stall has been here for ages.

A "bak chang" stall - glutinous rice parcels steamed in lotus leaf.


the beef noodle stall sells wonton mee during the day, n the best chee cheong fun next door :)
Borneoboy said…
Hi 3HT. Thanks for the info.

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