The Original Carwash - Kuching

Taking a break from Bali, now we are back in Kuching. This place is an interesting concept - a two-in-one carwash and cafe. You can have your car washed while having a bite to eat, or vice versa. The food is mainly Thai, you get the usual Pad Thai, salads, etc. My favoutite dish here is the Kui Teau Rad Na, fried flat rice noodles in gravy with chicken, vegies, and prawns. It is a generous portion, and the rice noodles are served in cripsed layers above the sauce. I like to eat the rice noodles on its own before tucking into the rest.

The cafe also serve other stuff like this pasta, but its best to stick with the Thai food.

The sticky rice with fresh mango was quite good.

The interior of the cafe is very nicely done.

You can watch your car being washed while having your meal.


Faisal Admar said…
I love sticky rice with mango. The last time I ate this when I was in Perlis :)
Borneoboy said…
Hi Faisal. Thanks for dropping by.
Anonymous said…
I like this place coz it's peaceful. Maybe knowing at least one chore is being done while u take a break adds to that feeling of peacefulness

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