Breakfasts in Melbourne

According to some food bloggers in Melbourne, Grossi Florentino is one of the best places for breakfast. Grossi is a European Style Restaurant. It has 3 main sections - a bar, a dining room and a place for drinks upstairs. The breakfast is served in the bar.

I ordered the Eggs Atlantic, which is poached eggs and smoked salmon on toast with a Hollandaise sauce. The eggs are done perfectly, firm outside and soft and just a little bit runny inside. The smoke salmon is really good, but what elevates the dish was the Hollandaise sauce. Creamy and rich with just a little bit of tartness, it goes really well with the rest of the ingredients. The bread is also great, firm and with some bite.

This is the egg omellette with bacon on toast. I didn't try it but it looks delicious as well.

My generous host ordered the Date Pudding. He got some frowns from the waiter - he didn't think it would go well with the other breakfasts. The pudding was really delicious, served with a caramel sauce and heavy cream.

A view of Grossi from outside.


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