Hanoi - Old Quarters

I made a trip to Hanoi in March 2007. Before the trip I had done a lot of research, but mainly on the places of interest and most importantly, the places for food. One thing I forgot to check was the weather. When we arrived, it was Winter and quite cold. We had only brought the typical tropical travel wear, so the first stop was to get a jacket.

We stayed in a boutique hotel right in the centre of the Old Quarters. Hanoi is one of the cities which seems to exist in a time warp, it hasn't seen the rapid modernization of most of the Asian cities - but that will come soon enough. SO this is the best time to visit, before it is all erased by globalization.

The most interesting part of Hanoi is the Old Quarters. This historical part of the city has a history of over 2,000 years. The streets are organized according to the different trades, so you have Silver Street, Paper Street, Silk Street and so on. Many of the old crafts are still around, but they are slowly being replaced by boutiques, back-packers inns, and cafes.


Faisal Admar said…
I never been to Hanoi. Would be great if you can put some pictures :)

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