Dinner at Nerovivo KL

I was lucky to be invited to a dinner at Nerovivo, a fine dining Italian restaurant on Jalan Ceylon KL. I had pre-ordered the main course and dessert from the menu provided, and was waiting with great anticipation for the evening !

The restaurant is located in a converted old house. Jalan Ceylon is just around the corner from Cangkat Bukit Bintang which is the hottest place for pubs and restaurants in KL at the moment.

The antipasto arrived, and it was quite a sight !

Filled to the brim with goodies, this was supposed to be shared by 5 persons. There was deep-fried calamari, fresh oysters, smoked salmon, yabbies-which is becoming quite common in KL, baked scallops and deep-fried asparagus fingers. Everything was delicious.

Next came the Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil. I had expected something special after the fantastic antipasto, but this is just standard mushroom soup.

For main course I had ordered Spaghetti with Boston Lobster. It was a bit disappointing - the lobster was probably frozen, so it wasn't sweet and tasty as it should be. The sauce was also not that flavourful, overall a bit bland.

For dessert I ordered the Panacotta with Chocolate Sauce. I should have gone with the Tiramisu. The Panacotta did not have much taste - kind of boring.

So overall, 1 out of 4. The antipasto was definitely the highlight. I would still go back to try the other items on the menu. The restaurant had a warm and cosy vibe which was friendly and not uptight like some other fine dining establishments can be.


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