Bali 2019 - Legong Dance at Ubud Place

One of the most convenient locations to watch a traditional Balinese dance performance is the Ubud Place. They host a dance performance every day at around 7.30p.m. The dances vary from day to day – here is a schedule that may or may not be still valid:

Day                              Type of Performance

Sunday                         Legong of Mahabharata

Monday                       Legong Dance

Tuesday                       Bina Remaja Ramayana Ballet

Wednesday                  Legong & Barong Dance

Thursday                     Legong Trance Paradise

Friday                          Barong Dance Ubud

Saturday                      Legong Dance

The cost is IDR100,000 per person – around USD7, still very affordable after all these years. Get there early – ideally 30min before the show to get the best seats. For such a small sum – you get to enjoy a 1 ½ hour performance by a large cast of dancers and musicians.

The dances are divided into different segments representing different styles. The quality does vary from segment to segment. The best and most enjoyable are the Legong Dances performed by a group of very skillful female dancers. Their movements were so precise and graceful. 


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