Bali 2019 - Starbucks Reserve Dewata

I was very excited to check out Starbucks Reserve Dewata located along Sunset Road. Opened in January 2019, this is the biggest Starbucks store in Southeast Asia – and also the first Starbucks Reserve in the region. The exterior of the store already created a strong statement – with a beautiful breil soleil made out of Balinese red bricks. The bricks are arranged to create the illusion of waves which refer to the many beaches of Bali.

Inside the interior is no less impressive. It has a high-end feel, with many decorative elements based on Indonesian arts and craft.

The store is divided into different sections. There is a cafĂ©/ bakery at the front, with lots of delectable baked goods and cakes – much better looking than those at other Starbucks I’ve been. 

A more serious coffee bar is located at the back. A huge bamboo sculpture hang over the coffee bar. 

The upper floor provides more seating space. One of the most striking features is the huge weaved bamboo sculpture hanging over the coffee bar.


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