Bali 2019 - Campuhan Ridge

After a few days in Seminyak, I moved on to Ubud - my other favorite hangout in Bali. I’ve been to Ubud a few times but somehow always missed out on the Campuhan Ridge. This trip I made it a point to check it out. The start of the trail is next to Warwick Ibah Villa and Spa. The signs are not very clear so it is best to ask for directions.

It is quite a gentle walk to the top of the ridge. Once you get there – you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the valleys around Ubud. There are several small cafes along the way for short breaks.

The walk is paved in concrete blocks all the way and though it goes up and down a bit – the slopes are very gentle. The scenes along the way are beautiful  - you get to see the natural side of Ubud. There are some rice fields along the way, and towards the end of the trial there are some small villages to explore. You also get to see many resorts from the valley side – which is usually not accessible.

The trail is around 1.3km one way, so a return trip is around 2.6km. It is best to go early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hot sun, as there is not much shade on the ridge.

Towards the other end of the trail, I found a beautiful open cafe set among the rice fields. It was such a calm and beautiful pit stop to recharge with an iced coffee before heading back.


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