Bali 2019 - Dinner at Ginger Moon

There are so many restaurants and cafes in Seminyak it can be difficult to make up your mind. I always make it a point to try those that t I have not been before, and based on my research Ginger Moon was on my list this time. It’s a restaurant that has been around for quite a while. The concept is modern Asian cuisine, with dishes meant for sharing.

Situated along Jalan Kayu Aya – the main road in Seminyak, the d├ęcor of Ginger Moon is quite charming. It makes great use of Asian colours and motifs, with a bit of Art Deco twist. It definitely is not bland.

I looked at the menu and was tempted by many of the offerings. In the end – the combination of Grilled Pork Ribs and Nasi Goreng won me over. I also ordered some Achar as a side dish, but was surprised that the main dish I ordered already had this as one of the sides. I was frankly a bit annoyed that I could have ordered a different side dish had I known – but my annoyance was quickly allayed by sight of the gorgeous ribs.

The ribs were great – fork tender and so flavourful from the Asian BBQ sauce, it was delicious. Those copious amounts of Achar did help to cut the fattiness of the pork, and the freshness and crunchiness were very enjoyable in between bites of the pork.

Ginger Moon is a charming restaurant with great food. Definitely worth a try when you are in Seminyak.


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