Singapore 2018 - Star Vista Mall

When I first saw this building, I thought it was some futuristic museum or theatre. Turns out I was half right - it is actually a performing arts centre on top married to a shopping mall at the podium levels - very Singaporean. And it is jointly owned by the New Creation Church - a very rich mega-church which uses the 5,000 performing arts centre for their services.

Star Vista Mall is touted as the 1st naturally-cooled mall in Singapore. It is located in Queenstown - next to Buona Vista MRT Station. The architecture of the mall is very unique - in fact it looks like an alien spaceship. The project was designed by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas

The eco-friendly mall has received the Green Mark Gold certification. The retail spaces wrap around a central covered plaza - and the building is designed to be very porous to allow natural ventilation throughout the public space. 

The public spaces are very generous throughout - and are designed to allow opportunities for public performances and interaction. 


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