Singapore 2018 - Oasia Hotel

Oasia Hotel in the CBD is not your typical hotel building. Designed by the famous WOHA - this tower aims to be a green vertical garden amongst the concrete jungle. The square tower is rounded at all corners and transforms into a cupola at the top. The entire building is covered in colourful expanded metal mesh painted in bright orange and red tones. The mesh are actually vertical surfaces for plants which are envisioned to eventually envelope the entire building. With its extensive landscape treatment - the building achieves an amazing Green Plot Ratio of 1,100% - which means that it compensates for the lack of green in 10 surrounding buildings. 

The floor plates of the building are stacked at different levels to create several sky gardens which provide public areas for recreation and social interaction. 

At the roof top are the sky garden and swimming pools. Unfortunately the views are somewhat obstructed by the green screens. 


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