Singapore 2018 - Satay By The Bay

Beyond the Flower Domes at Garden By the Bay is a food court called by the quirky name of Satay By The Bay. Essentially an open hawker centre - the architecture is quite interesting - the building being built entirely out of off-form concrete, and there is a planted roof covering the whole complex. 

The architect for the building is Ling Hao - a Sarawak-born designer who is now based in Singapore. In his words - “The building doesn’t have a fa├žade and the downward-sloping roof is entirely planted. Rainwater is collected and pumped into a nearby irrigation pond and recycled for watering the plants. We chose outdoorsy finishes instead of tiles to minimise the maintenance. The plants, garden and angsana trees help a lot in making a comfortable atmosphere and to create a natural kind of environment.”

The roof canopy has an organic curvilinear shape - and the floor plan follows this organic layout. Food stalls are arranged in clusters surrounded by the dining areas.


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