Vienna 2016 - Naschmarkt

To me the biggest attraction in Viennna is probably Naschmarkt. It is the most famous food and produce market in Vienna and possibly the whole of Austria. The market has been around since the 16th century and has been visited by people from all over Europe -  especially those connected to the Austrian empire. It is easy to see why - as there are an endless variety of things to see, eat, drink and enjoy here.

Nowadays Naschmarkt is quite a high-end market and most of the produce on display are of the premium variety and not cheap. There are also lots of stalls and restaurants where you can enjoy snacks and have proper meals - in fact some of the most popular restaurants in Vienna can be found here.

The market is also very multi-cultural and you will find Chinese, Japanese as well as many Middle-Eastern stalls.  Their baklavas are really tempting. This is a must visit destination for a foodie - and it is really convenient as the market is very near the city centre.


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