Vienna 2016 - Demel Pastry Shop

One of the most famous pastry shops in Vienna is Demel which was established in 1786. It was a supplier to the royal courts and still bears the title of Purveyor to the Imperial and royal Court till today. Demel is also said to be the originator of the famous Sacher Torte, but later there was a legal dispute between Demel and the Sacher Hotel over the right to use the label "The Original Sacher Torte", which was created by Eduard Sacher while he was working at Demel.

Lots of irresistible goodies in the shop.You need a very strong will to avoid over-indulging !

I also tried the famous Sacher Torte - which was lovely.

Make sure you go to the washroom. On your way there - you will bump into the impressive pastry workshop.

I had meant to visit another of Vienna's famous cafe - the Sacher Cafe at Hotel Sacher of the dispute mentioned above. After standing at the counter for more then 10 minutes without even an acknowledgement from the  maitre d, I changed my mind. No need to give them business when they are so haughty. 


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