Vienna 2016 - Gasthaus zur eisernen Zeit

There are lots of dining options at Naschmarkt - however I was looking for a restaurant that serves traditional food. I found a charming little pub/ restaurant at the Western end of the market - Gasthaus zur eisernen Zei. Goulash was on the menu - so I've found my place. The interior of the restaurant is small and cosy - and the diners all seem to be enjoying themselves which is a good sign.

I ordered the Beef Goulash and a  Sauerkraut for appetizer. The Sauerkraut came with a generous topping of fried bacon chips. It was not too sour - very nice.

Bread is served in a basket and you pay for what you eat.

The Goulash looked very rich and was a generous serving. It had a deep complex flavour and was very delicious. I can see why some on TripAdvisor rate it as the best Goulash in Vienna.

I really enjoyed the food at this small restaurant and would definitely go back for more. 


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