Salzburg 2016 - Cafe Tomaselli

Cafe Tomaselli is one of the most famous cafes in Salzburg and has been in operation for over 300 years. The cafe was even a favoutire haunt for Mozart. the interior of the cafe is lavishly appointed with rich wood panels and marble tables. However it is the outside terrace that is the most popular. I went in the late afternoon and the inside of the cafe was completely empty - however the terrace was still quite full. I was lucky to get a small table near the entrance.

A waitress will move around with a tray of the cafe's beautiful cakes - such as Linzer, Estehazy, Sachertorte, and strudels. As this was Salzburg - the birth place of Mozart - I had to order the Mozart cake.

The most popular drink is the "Melange" - which is a Viennese capucccino topped with steamed milk and milk foam.


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