Salzburg 2016 - Lunch at K+K Restaurants am Waagplatz Salzburg

For a small town like Salzburg - there are a disproportionately large number of cafes and restaurants. Turn a corner and you see another one - so choosing a place for a meal really depends more on where you happen to be at the time - and what looks most appealing. After exploring Mozartplatz for a while - I ended up in a small square towards the North-West where there are a number of restaurants. K+K looked most promising so that was where I ended up for lunch. The interior of the restaurant was very nice, but most patrons chose to sit outside.

I ordered the K+K Onion Soup - which turned out to be a delicious and hearty soup with chucks of goodies inside.

For mains I ordered the Salmon Trout whcih came beautifully presented. The fish was perfectly cooked and the flesh was very delicate and pleasing to the palate. The risotto that accompanied the fish was also very good.

K+K is a restaurant that I can readily recommend. The service is friendly and professional, the ambiance is nice and the food nicely presented and delicious. 


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