Salzburg 2016 - Hohensalzburg Castle

The Hohensalzburg Fortress sits on the Monchsberg Mountain and occupies a commanding position over the city. The fortress started small and was expanded over the centuries - mostly due to the power struggle between the Roman Emperor and the Popes, and later on the conflicts between Bavaria and Hapsburg Austria. To understand more you would have to revisit European history.

Although it looks quite formidable and difficult to get up to the castle - it is actually quite easy as there is now a funicular that takes you all the way to the top. But the best way to visit is to trek up the many small streets and alleys that winds up the side of the mountain.

The castle ground is quite big and it is worth taking a bit of time to explore the interesting compound.

There is a museum inside the Castle that gives you a bit of insight into the history of the place, and some exhibits of Medieval torture devices which would make your blood curl just looking at them.

I couldn't figure out how this was even used.

From the castle you also get great views of the surrounding Alps.


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