Cesky Krumlov 2016 - Cesky Krumlov Part II

The whole town of Cesky Krumlov  is basically now a tourist attraction - so if you are looking for authenticity with real folks living in real houses - you will be largely disappointed. Most of the buildings have been turned into shops, restaurants, cafes and other attractions. During our visit the town was thronged with tourists from all over the World - still it did not take away much from the charm and magic of the place.

If you want to see the view that is most featured on postcards or web sites about Cesky Krumlov - you need to head over to Cesky Krumlov Castle. The Castle is unusually large for such a small town. There is not much to see inside the castle itself - but because it is perched on a cliff overlooking the town - the views from here are spectacular.

 The views from the Castle are some of the main reasons for visiting Cesky Krumlov.


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