Prague 2016 - Vintage Cars and other Transports

Prague was where I saw the most number of classic and interesting cars being driven around the Old Town.. This seems to be a very popular way to tour the city. Some sites warned that these are tourist traps but it looked like the people in the cars were really enjoying themselves.

Horse-drawn carriages are also a common sight.

This tiny tri-wheel go-cart was one of the most interesting mode of transport we saw.

Near the Old Town Square there are also these mini trains that can take you around if you are too tired from walking. 

Prague has a subway system as well s an on-ground tramway system - so it is very convenient to get around the city. In fact electric trams has been around since 1891 - making it one of the earliest cities to adopt this new technology. 


Alex ken said…
Prague never disappoint when it comes to classic collection really amazing presentation of men and machine.

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