Prague 2016 - Free Walking Tour

You will find Free Walking Tours in many European cities - but they are not actually free. Prague is no exception. You will find many groups offering "free" tours at different times of the day. They are not free as you are expected to tip the guides. There is no fixed amount - but around 10 euros would be a reasonable figure. They are still a great way to get to know the city better - as many of the guides are locals or expats who have stayed in the city for some time and know the city well.

Find the information on the web sites - pick the tour and time that suits you - and at the appointed time look for the guide with the right coloured umbrella at the designated spot and off you go. Some groups require pre-booking, but it is still possible to just join in if the group is not too big already.

The guide took us through the scenic spots around the Old Town including the Jewish quarter.

The tour usually lasts around 2 hours - but you can decide to leave at any appropriate point during the tour - just inform the guide. She took us to a nice cafe - the Bakeshop. They have a beautiful selection of pastries and cakes. 

 Its interesting to see what sort of drinks they have in Praque.


After a nice coffee and a croissant I reluctantly said my goodbyes as I had to make another appointment. The guide was an expat from the States but she was very knowledgeable and told a nice story. It was a nice way to see Prague and I would definitely do it again.


Morpheus said…
You should be aware of the correct spelling of this amazingly beautiful city.

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