Dresden 2016 - Lunch at Feldschlosschen - Stammhaus

After braving the cold and gloomy weather in Dresden, a restaurant is definitely a sight for sore eyes - especially one as nice as Feldschlosschen - Stammhaus. The restaurant is a traditional beer house, and the building is a former brewery. It has been beautifully restored and the inside looks really warm and cozy.

Being one of the included meals in our tour, frankly we were not expecting much. But it was actually quite good. The potato soup flavoured with ham stock was rich and warm and just what we needed.

The pork schnitzel was not very big - it was half the size of what we were used to in Germany,  but was very well seasoned with a nice crispy crust.

Dessert - a chocolate mousse - was not what you would expect on a cold day but it did the job. 

Feldschlosschen is a restaurant that has great ambiance. The menu features mainly traditional German dishes and judging from what we had it is a good choice in Dresden.


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