Hamburg 2016 - Cafe Paris

There are surprisingly not so many cafes in Hamburg as one would expect. Most of them are concentrated in the Old town. Here is one cafe that is definitely worth seeking out - be Cafe Paris - an institution in Hamburg. It is located on Rathausstrabe just off the Town Hall. On a cold and gloomy day - a place like this is like a godsend.

There is always a long queue at the Cafe. We were lucky to be seated after a 15 min wait - normally the waiting time is much longer. The interior is simply stunning. It looked like it had been transported to Hamburg from Paris. The art nouveau interior carries through from the furniture to the ceiling - and what a ceiling !

Cafe Paris is great for breakfast and desserts. They have a small selection of cakes and tarts at the counter - all look delicious.

We ordered a Pear and Walnut Tart and a latte. The tart was very good.


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