Dresden 2016 - Dresden Alstadt

Like most of the cities in Europe - Dresden has a long and colourful history. It is near the border between Germany and Czech Republic - about halfway between Berlin and Praque, and since we were on our way to Praque we decided to make a stop there. The City is not very big but is has quite a number of attractions. Many of the buildings were destroyed during the 2nd World War - but after an extensive restoration programme these have been returned to their former splendour. Long under the radar of tourists - the city is now getting very popular due to its beautiful Baroque architecture and impressive art collections.

Unfortunately during our stopover it rained quite heavily. Coupled with strong winds - it was the most chilly weather during our trip.

The Procession of the Princes is an impressive wall mural depicting the rulers of Saxony over the centuries. A total of 93 people are portrayed on the mural - including 35 noblemen on horseback.The original mural was painted - but it had deteriorated and was replace with ceramic tiles in the 19th Century. This mural miraculously survived the bombing in World War II.

The Semper Opera House is one of Dresden's prominent landmarks. It was designed and named after Gottfried Semper - a renown German architect and professor of architecture in the 18th Century.


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