Hamburg 2016 - Dinner at Quan Do Vietnamese Street Kitchen

Quan Do is a Vietnamese restaurant in the Alstadt. It is very near the Central Train Station - and so a very convenient place for a meal before or after a train journey. The place is very popular and there is always a queue for a table. The turnover is very fast so the wait is not too long.

The tables are mostly four seaters and there is a cute divider with condiments in the centre. This is used to cleverly divide the table for strangers.

The menu is mostly Vietnamese street food. We ended up ordering a Mango Salad, a crispy spring roll, a small Pho Bo and a Bun Bo.

The food at Quan Do is quite good and the pricing is reasonable. The only disappointing dish was the Pho which was mostly liquid with little of much else. At least the flavour was good. Remember that this is in Hamburg and not Hanoi - and you will not be disappointed.


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