Japan 2012 - Shijo-Dori in Kyoto

Shijo-Dori is the main street in Kyoto which runs roughly through the centre of the city. It extends from the Gion District in the East to the Matsuo Taisha Shrine in the West. It houses Kyoto's largest business district, and is also the main shopping street with most of the departmental stores such as Daimaru and Takashimaya represented here, as well as branded outlets such as Armani and Louis Vuitton. 

Most of the sidewalks in Kyoto are not shaded except in Shijo-Dori, where wide awnings provide shelter from the sun and rain on both sides of the street. You will be thankful for it when caught in the frequent showers in Kyoto.

While the main street itself is quite impressive for its number of upscale shops, it was the backstreets which I find most interesting. Here you will find many unusual fashion boutiques, cafes, restaurants and pubs vying for your attention. Unfortunately there is no way a visitor can explore them all.


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