Japan 2012 - First Cabin Hotel Karasuma Kyoto

For my 2 night stay in Kyoto, I checked into First Cabin Hotel Karasuma Kyoto - a new concept in hotel accommodation. Japan is famous for its capsule hotels, but this is more like a cross between a normal hotel and a capsule hotel. Instead of a room, you get a cabin. The size of the cabin is around 2m by 2m. There is enough room for a single bed and space at the side for access. I like the fact that you can keep the luggage in the cabin, and they have even thoughtfully provided lockable drawers under the bed for your valuables.

There is no door - just a curtain that you can draw for privacy. A bedside console provides controls for the lighting and air-conditioning, as well as some music channels. There is even a flat-screen TV, though most of the programming is in Japanese.

Bathroom facilities are shared - and there are a generous number of showers and toilets for the guests. There is even a self-service laundry, and a small pantry area where you can buy food and drinks from vending machines. They have thought of everything!

I like the cabin hotel concept. It is great for solo travelers or businessmen who have missed the last train home and don't want to sleep in a coffin. There are male and female cabins on separate floors, with dedicated lifts for total privacy.

The rate is around USD50 per night. Not cheap by Malaysian standards, but a bargain in Japan. They even threw in a simple breakfast for the price. I highly recommend this hotel if you are traveling alone.


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