Japan 2012 - Kodai-ji Temple

Kodai-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple at the foothill of Higashiyama. To get there you walk through the Higashiyama old streets and look for the signs. After going through a few narrow alleys lined with charming traditional houses, you will arrive at the gate of the temple. The steps leading up to the temple are impressive. 

The temple buildings have been fully restored and look pristine. The temple has a beautiful garden compound worth the visit on its own. 

The stone garden in front of the main hall was undergoing some rebuilding works. I was curious to see some foreign Caucasians working on the garden. They were either experts or apprentices learning the ancient Japanese craft. It was also an eye-opening experience to see the sub-structure of the gardens being laid. Bags filled with stone chippings were placed to form the desired shapes, and tree barks covered over the bags to provide the grip, before the final layer of stones to complete the work.


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