Eating in Kuching 2012 - John's Pie

It is always great to see someone trying something new in the Kuching food scene. One of the latest additions is John's Pie - a tiny shop at Wisma Phoenix along Song Thian Cheok Road that specializes in pies. They also do tarts and quiches as well.

The place is very small, with only a couple of tables seating maybe 5 to 6 people. Most customers would come to takeaway - much like the common takeaway shops in Australia. 

I've tried their beef and chicken pies - both not bad. Instead of lots of fillers like potatoes, you actually get chunky bits of meat like in a proper pie. The flavours are also good. 

What they need to improve on is the pastry - which tastes a little under-baked. Now you know where to go when you have a craving for pies in Kuching.


I like the taste of his lamb pie. The beef and cheese one is good too.

There are always new food places opening up in Kuching. Some survive, some don't. I wish John success!
Rose world said…
Hi there.

Saw this shop from the road but never been there. will give it a try some day. Not so far from where I work.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate. Yes I really hope they will be here to stay !

Rose - you must give it a try. Support our local entrepreneurs.

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